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Also known as cigarettiquette. This is the unspoken law between smokers.

1. A bum should come prepared with a lighter.

2. Beggars can't be choosers.

3. If a cigarette is refused to a bum, the bum can't get butt hurt, just suck it up and deal.

4. When asking for a smoke, be polite and creative.

5. If the supplier has no lighter and the bum has lighter in hand, the supplier lights first.

6. The bum is required to make conversation with the supplier unless told to go away.

7. Bums should not ask the same person for a smoke more than once in a day.
B= Bum
S= Supplier

B-Excuse me, could I proposition you for a tasty smoky treat?

S- Sure, do you have a lighter?

B- Indeed, I do... Seems like we're both in luck.

(Light conversation ensues)

(Later that day...)

B- Hey man, sorry to bother you, but could I bum another?

S- Dude, I already gave you one today. Where's your smoker etiquette?
by Prof. Lofty April 17, 2009

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