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1. n. Bowel movements resulting from the relaxation induced by cigarettes, esp. Djarum Specials.

2. adj. {Smokepoodom} A state of utter relaxation brought on by cigarettes, esp. Djarum Specials, which is NOT to exclude the utter relaxation of the intestines and/or bowels.

3. n. {Smokepootative} Cigarettes utilized as a laxative.

4. v. {Smokepoo'd} Having been in a state of constipation and smoked several cigarettes in hopes of correcting the problem.
"Dude, I'm telling you! You've gotta pull over, I've got a major smokepoo coming on!"
"Hehe... Man, I feel so relaxed... Oh wow, I've hit smokepoodom stage. Be back in a bit."

"Dang... That cheese pizza clogged me up big time, and I don't have any money for X-Lax. You got any smokepootatives at your place?"

"I hit up the stogies big time, and I tell ya... I got majorly smokepoo'd... Feelin' much better."
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