An old drug addict.
Ain't no amount a dat strychnine gonna get dat old smokehound got. He immune to any dat tainted-ass stepped trashy-ass heron, yo. Any shit he shoot be purer den the milk comin from yo moms tit, yo.
by Hawaiian Dicking January 29, 2010
1. Someone who is constantly bumming cigarettes from others (and usually whines when rejected)

2.Someone who is constantly badgering people to smoke marijuana with them but never has any
1. Hunter never stops asking me for cigarettes, what a smoke hound!!

2. we just smoked a big ol' joint and Hunter is such a fucking smoke hound he starts complaining for another one!!
by Derkmafukka August 06, 2010
Usually someone from the Eastern Shore who does something wrong, dumb, or is lazy. Kind of obvious when someone screws up. Also can be a substitute for asshole, idiot, or bum. You don't have to smoke to be a Smoke Hound.
Danny: "I wanted to play poker last night but forgot to call anyone"
Dave: "Dude your a Smoke Hound"
by freburt February 04, 2010

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