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A person who is addicted to smokeahol
I love ingesting smokeahol so much, I'm a smokeaholic.
by Mr. Wiggles Pants May 21, 2009
One who regularly consumes large amounts of smokeahol.
Tom drank all the smokeahol last night. He's such a smokeaholic. What a douche.
by Koch Wrangler May 21, 2009
someone who excessively smokes tobacco , weed , opium or any other substance that can be smoked . A true smokeaholic ,if in desperate need, will usually pick up a previously , half smoked cigarette ( commonly referred to as a short ) off the ground and smoke it, regardless of the cigarettes apperance or possible diseases you could recieve from doing so. Most Smokeaholic's smell like ashtraysand are not limited to smoking all of the following; cigarettes , cloves , blunts , crack , cigaweed, and other various plant leaves if attempting to survive.
" Man , my dad is a smokeaholic , he will smoke anything! "

" Damn , girl . You are smoking all the damn time! Your'e a fucking smokeaholic."

" Damn man! You are always high ! Freakin smokeaholic!"

by mrknowitallagain October 30, 2008
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