A very hard punch to the face that typically results in knocking the other person out, or worse.
If that guy spills his drink on me again I'm going to smokepole him!!
by Barwise July 28, 2008
Top Definition
A black powder rifle of some sort, especially a muzzleloader. Common slang among hunters. So called because a muzzleloader spews out a cloud of smoke along with its projectile, unlike modern guns. Another popular term for a muzzleloader is Boomstick.
"Grab your smoke pole and powder flask, we're headin' for Penn. to catch their black powder season."
by Da-Gun-nut Garfield December 03, 2008
to engage in falletaio
hey ya wanna smoke my pole?
by Anonymous January 17, 2003
To suck cock, mostly big cocks
Billy"Hey Grant Shepardson, why do you like to smoke pole?"

Grant" Because im a huge fag."
by Chief Hugecock June 28, 2010

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