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Two Suzuki GSX-R motorbike riders that ride together and die together. They terrorise the local town by pestering the police and the Borough Council and always evade capture. Smoke 'n' Reek will also use their names as a phrase when agreeing with something or commending a good idea/decision and seal this by punching each others fist.
Smoke 'n' Reek have just spelt their name out on the road by doing burnouts on their motorbikes and then speed away just as the police arrive. Later the Borough Council arrive to clean up the mess.

Council says: Damn you Smoke 'n' Reek!

Back at the usual watering hole Smoke 'n' Reek are having a pint.

Smoke: Sicken them kents!

Reek: Smoke 'n' Reek (clenches fist)

Smoke: (clenches fist) Smoke 'n' Reek

Both punch each others fist.
by nofinfancy November 25, 2009
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