A girl who goes to Smith College in Northampton, MA. A Smith college Lesbian Until Graduation. Intelligent and often connected. Usually can't drive well but can party. Not just LUGS but SLUGS.
That smithy was cute! Do you think the slug likes guys, or even ice cream a little?
by niteshade8p July 31, 2008
An Irish fellow with the last name Smith. Smithys, generally speaking, have no game and a smallish nob which sometimes has the illusion of disappearing while retracting back up into the Smithy's body. Despite this bizarre phenomenon, Smithys can also be very likable characters. Smithys are often times sited as being "gay" though please note while appearing so, they are most definitely not.
"Smithy!! How ye keepin? Ye get laid yet?"
"Ah nah. I got no game."
"And your nob?"
"Still missing."
by plincodestroy February 05, 2007
a bloke who only dresses in black and is scared to wear shorts in the summer because he has freaky kneecaps.He is often seen hanging around antique shops with a yucky green plymouth top on.he also has the skill of nusing a pint for three hours till it goes brown+crusty like his nob.often seen chasing push-bike robbers!
"wheres smithy"
"he's doing judo"
"oh fuck off he wouldn't wear anything in white"
by Phil Fee September 20, 2003
small annoying insect
ow! I've been bitten by a Smithy! Swot it!
by dial-an-exterminator May 13, 2003
This is one bad ass, muther fucker. He makes girls ovaries explode, and guys balls bleed. He as the sexually intriguing 'V' smile and tends to laugh at silly thinks.
P1: Hey. We have Smithies for class next?
P2: OMFGWTF!!!!!!!!! My ovaries are gone.
P3: My balls hurt now.
by c0unterfiet March 21, 2011
I am smithy (see rach) and i am great.
*HaNnAhS sPaIn BuDdY*
by Rachee June 26, 2004
MY BeST FRIEND ANd SPAIN BUDDY!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"hey! Smithy!"
by Rocola June 26, 2004

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