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A school built like a prison cell with a psychotic principal who makes his students recite phrases like, "stay to the right" and "hug your parents" in an effort to increase the non-exsistant school spirit. Most students don't give a fuck (or at least pretend not to give a fuck so they will seem more badass) about school and/or life in general and spent most of their time figuring out ways to get out of class so they can smoke in the school parking lot.

Each class typically has at least one smart asian and at least one slacker who is under the influence of something not wholesome. The freshmen get ridiculously punier every year and the graduating class gets more obnoxious. The majority of graduates will end up going to Suffolk Community and the rest will go to a SUNY because they are actually pretty smart but don't have money or did a lot of drugs.

Despite everything, Smithtown West is still a million times better than Smithtown East.
Smithtown High School West Student #1: Hey, look, we have off for some Jewish holiday I've never heard of.

SHSW Student #2: Let's go sit in the Starbucks parking lot for hours until our youth slips away.

SHSW Student #1: Okay.
by nowayever January 30, 2008
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