A passive agressive response leading someone to believe you agree with them when your most certainly do not.
The old lady "Smile Fucked" her family by telling them "Yes I've been thinking of moving into the retirement community, I just need some time to decided which one."
by Joefish November 21, 2012
Top Definition
1. Backstabbing someone while acting like their best friend.

2. Befriending someone to proselytize them into your religion.
1. " I can't believe Janet she is totally "Smile fucked" me , acting like we were best friends when she was sleeping with my boyfriend the whole time"

2. " I thought Lindsay was my friend, she just wanted me to go to church and I didn't want to go . Now she acts like I am invisible she totally "Smile Fucked"me ."
by Kbizmck September 15, 2009
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