A smetana is characterized by a perpetual five o'clock shadow and possession of a virtual sniper rifle. Someone who spends every waking hour practicing the use of a sniper rifle in Halo 2, is said to be a smetana. A smetana's self esteem is based on his Halo 2 performance on any given day. When winning, a smetana is known to make obscure Grandma's Boy quotes. However, when a smetana loses he will stay hidden in his ill lit cave and brag about his hit percentage as if it compensates for the lack of a victory.

When at a party, smetanas usually can be seen doing the brune, or creeping on freshmen girls.

Unless they invent a water resistant xbox, I don't think that Smetana will ever shower.
by DKalb21 March 02, 2007
Top Definition
to repeat a story/tale to the same audience; to tell a story over and over again whilst still expecting audience appreciation. It is often a symptom of shit chat.
Jack the other day did a smetana and it wasn't even a good story in the first place.
by simon kaufman June 25, 2008
look at that smetana in the sky
by cassy24 August 23, 2010

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