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the South African Cape Coloured slang for someone who looks like a Dirty whore.
usually used to describe Females, but it is not hard to Find Smet Males.

can also be used to describe an action, or object in which case it has the same meaning as vuil
Guy: hey, look my girlfriend
Girl: *gasp* ohmygod she looks so Smet
Guy: wut
Girl: no. you can't show me pictures of your Smet Girlfriend when I'm sitting here.
Guy: I... uh...
Girl: look at her! She Looks like she comes from a synagogue of Smet

Guy 1 drops Water on Guy 2's pants
Guy 1: looks like you gotta change brah.
Guy 2: that's a Smet joke you nai.
by Smetnai July 24, 2016
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A derogatory term for one who has sexual intercourse with nurses and weasels.
Tristan from "The Gilmore Girls" is a smet.
by Katie Farmin January 14, 2008
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Same Move Every Time

A victory in a video game due to a boring opponent using the same winning combo every fucking time.

K-Man: ha ha, look another perfect defeat by Sophita.

me: looked more like Smet to me.

K-man: you're probably right col.
by colskee February 06, 2004
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A small insignificant person who’s soul purpose in life is self gratification at the expense of others. Can also be equated to a wet piece of shit stuck to one’s ass hair. When used to describe a person, an utterly useless individual, a mistake in birth, a random event of a wolf fucking a frog. When used as a verb, describes an instance in which a simple task is fucked up beyond all recognition or FUBAR.
Nick’s been pissing me off lately; he’s acting like a fucking Smets.

Fuck, I just pulled a fucking Smets.”
by Walter Smithson December 03, 2007
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Same Move Every Time

Yes, this IS what it means emphatically and without a doubt.
Usually perpetrated by close friends who wish they could be a "gamer" like you (ME) and pull off moves they can only dream about before squirting in their sheets.
See also S.M.E.F.T. & S.M.M.E.T. !!!!
Slight variation on original, usually thrown around a room when said friends (Colski) multi-tap buttons in a mad frenzy trying to defeat opponent looking very stooopid and Flid-like.
Colski: Hah I beat cha ya butch !!! (panting frantically as if running from the KKK in Georgia, not noticing that fingerprints have been burn off and game-pad has been melted into a new shape)
K Man: Well what do you expect when you use the button constantly ? SMET muthafucker SMET !!!
by K Man February 17, 2004
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Afrikaans (one of South Africa's 11 official languages), for greasy. When someone's behavior, or the way they look or anything about someone, or a place or basically just anything is just at a lower level than what is socially acceptable.
E.g. 1."Oh my word! Did you see the way she dressed to the club?!"

"Yes she looked so smet!"

E.g. 2. "Yo! Let's hang out at the bridge!"

"Oh hell no! That place is smet!!"
by Pinktide February 01, 2017
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When someone is so smelly that you smell them before you meet or even see them!
I was going round the supermarket last summer, shopping, when I smet this horrendous guy who's calves were the size of my waist! I had to re-plan my route around the shop so as to minimise the odours..... but even then I kept getting an unwelcome whiff and on one occasion looked up to see him coming towards me, very slowly, at a distance. I didn't want to get too close!
by Krisdestard December 05, 2016
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