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Smeruaj is a relatively new thing, so I am not judging you for not knowing.

A SMERUAJ is a TRUE warrior. Not to be confused with a shitty samurai or "ninja".
An actual Smeruaj is not even asian. He, or she, is either white or tan and they most typically have brown hair and are slightly short. So far, there are only two Smeruajs in the world.

One of them is located in Portugal, the other in Denmark.

One of them is a man, the other a woman.
One of them is David
and the other, dear sir....
is me.
Sara: I need you do open this jar for me.
Dahveed: I.. can't do that.
Sara: You are a Smeruaj, of course you can.
Dahveed: yOU ARE RITE.
by smeruaj September 22, 2012