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A particularly aggressive beaner that lives on a shit-hole island out in the middle of Pacific. Hawaiians usually "forget" to shower for days at a time. They are usually found wearing nasty flower shirts and shorts or board shorts that are 56 sizes too big. They have been documented to enter grocery stores, locate pineapples and take them home. Once at home they will cut them up into small chunks, at which time they will snort them up their big fat smelly beaner noses. Once high on pineapple, they WILL try to steal your bike and place it in their garage with all of the rotting surfboards they never use. They are only able to maintain their homes by selling all of the stolen bikes to pawn stars. The most famous smelly hawaiians is the giant douche dog the bounty hunter, who tazes minor criminals after they have given up the fight, once there down they will spray them repeatedly in the face with bear mace.
Those ******** Smelly Hawaiians stole my bike again!
by Ronald Goldbergsteinberg September 21, 2010
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