A phrase used to remark on the stupidity of teen, especially high school drama. It is used as a means to put things in perspective, often uttered by an observer of a pointless, fruitless argument that has to do with some aspect of dating.

Etymology: The term was sued in a completely different context by the early 90's grunge band, Nirvana.
Girl 1: "I saw you with my boy at the movies, you whore!"
Girl 2: "He don't like busted girls, bitch. That's why he's on my team now."
Observer: "Damn. Smells like teen spirit..."
by Comrade Dave December 10, 2006
1. A brand of deodorant.

2. A song name based on the brand of deodorant. It may be a shitty song but you can deal with it and listen to it anyways because it's by NIRVANA.
"Hey, this homeless guy smells like teen spirit."
by Lauren D. December 19, 2005
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