The most overrated song that has been #1 for almost a decade, always beating out the superior Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Sung by Kurt Cobain, commonly referred to by degenerate youth as "God".
"Smells Like Teen Spirit sucks. Thriller is a better song, and a better music video. You know it, and I know it. So get over it."
by Dave December 25, 2004
Rock band Nirvana's most popular song, it is also widely considered the song that killed their lead singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain as he felt that its popularity turned him into a sellout.
Dude 1: Play some Nirvana, dude.
Dude 2: How bout Smells Like Teen Spirit
Dude 1: Fuck that it killed Kurt, play Lithium or Sliver
#nirvana #kurt #cobain #smells #like #teen #spirit
by Jesus Tap-dancing Christ January 11, 2009
A phrase used to remark on the stupidity of teen, especially high school drama. It is used as a means to put things in perspective, often uttered by an observer of a pointless, fruitless argument that has to do with some aspect of dating.

Etymology: The term was sued in a completely different context by the early 90's grunge band, Nirvana.
Girl 1: "I saw you with my boy at the movies, you whore!"
Girl 2: "He don't like busted girls, bitch. That's why he's on my team now."
Observer: "Damn. Smells like teen spirit..."
#busted #team #nirvana #whore #drama #high school drama
by Comrade Dave December 10, 2006
Both MC and Chelsea are wrong. Kathleen Hanna inspired the name of Nirvana's hit song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by writing "Kurt smells like teen spirit" on one of Kurt Cobain's walls. He thought it meant "the spirit of teens" and didn't know it was a deodorant.
"Here we are now, entertain us"
by Kay January 09, 2005
Smelling like teen spirit is smelling like marijuana. Marijuana is a hallucinogenic plant that, when smoked gives you a high sensation.
Kid 1: Did you guys smoke in here?
Kid 2: Yeah, we did
Kid 1: That's why it smells like teen spirit in here.
#marijuana #weed #bud #teen spirit #nirvana #drugs #plants #relax #herb #medical marijuana #medicine
by Giggles43 January 13, 2011
The song that 70% of Nirvan's so called "fans" say is the the best nirvana song ever. They are all n00bs to Nirvana and fake, they are in no way real fans and give them a bad name. They should listen to their real great songs like rape me, heart shaped box and you know your'e right! I'm not saying it's a bad song it is just overated and takes too much attention away from Nirvana's best songs.
prepy fan: het you like nirvana?

real fan: ye they kick ass! What's your favourite song?

prepy fan: smells like teen spirit!

real fan: STFU u n00b listen to their best songs rather than the most overated one!
#nirvana #smells like teen spirit #prepy fans #fake fans #overated
by not another prepey fan December 28, 2005
The most shittiest, overrated song of all time. Stop hopping Kurt's dick, you stupid MTV kids. The truth is that Nirvana were an underground pop punk band (not "grunge" - there's no such thing as grunge.) that accidentally made it into the mainstream because MTV overrated Smells Like Teen Spirit, their most poppiest song.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit sucks."
#kurt #cobain #sucks #and #im #glad #he's #dead
by NIRVANA BLOWS June 07, 2007
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