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(v.) 1. to call into question another's fidelity 2. an investigative method using the olfactory system to determine if a boyfriend has been with another woman
Girlfriend: "Where you been? You know what time it is, fool?"

Boyfriend: "Chill, I was out with the fellas!"

Girlfriend: "Ah-uh, fool! You were out with bitches, weren't you? Let me smell yo dick!"
by Noam Chumpsky April 27, 2008
158 21
The last resort in the extensive investigation that takes place when a woman believes that her significant other is cheating on her.
"Why you comin' home at five in the morn'? Somethin's goin' awn, lemme smell yo dick. Don't play me like a foo', 'cuz dat ain't coo'. What you need to do is lemme smell yo dick."
by Katelyn H November 30, 2007
217 42