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1. The act of performing a handjob on a penis so covered by cheese that you can't actually see the penis itself, but only a mass full of yellowish, crusted and smelly smegma cheese. Usually performed on homeless people, because only them can accumulate enough cheese cock to make this incredible fetish possible.

2. A way of masturbating yourself that try to simulate the sensation of having your penis into a vagina. Much like the well known apple pie, but instead of having your dick into an apple pie, which don't require a lot of setup, you have to put it in a whole jar of warm smegma cheese, which can be really hard and complex to get.
1. Wow, that bitch smegmasturbated me so well the other day I was actually able to see my cumshot coming from underneath my cock cheese.

2. Dude, I've been collecting my smegma in this jar for months so I can perform smegmasturbation tonight, want to see the jar?

by Smegmasturbation August 21, 2008
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