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An adaption of the handle SmegHead taken from the phrase "Smeg Head" often spoken in British comedies to insult another person. Smeggles has no actual meaning, it is just an alias/nickname/handle.
"Look, that blog post was submitted by Smeggles, he is such a smeg head."
by C J October 03, 2007
A term of endearment used for adorable, usually sleepy, people.
Person 1: Hello, are you ok?

Person 2: No. I feel ill and sleepy.

Person 1: Awwww, poor smeggle.
by idiosyncratic16 January 23, 2011
One of exceptionally low intelligence; a buffoon.
That man is a smeggle.
by Sir_Pwnalot February 18, 2004
A person living in, or hailing from, the Orkney Islands.
"Damn, where'd all your trees go, you dirty inbreeding Smeggle?"
by weaver October 14, 2003
When a man with a foreskin covers the the head of his male lovers penis with his foreskin the two are smeggleing
Jonny you down to smeggle later?
by kevin November 18, 2003