noun. Commonly used to refer to somone as your bitch. History: Smee was Captain Hooks fag slave.
"Get up off the couch, Smee, and fetch us some more beer!"
by justafan June 20, 2005
A dirty ass sheep, who has bad teeth, and loves racing.
by Justin Sharp April 03, 2005
Smee can be used in correct order to form

Smee Smee Chin Par.

This phrase was often used by Pirates around the 16th Centutry, and is used as a battle Cry.
"Ship to the North East, Captain"

"Smee Smee ! Chin Par!
by Ringo January 27, 2004
insane form of gremlin found in capital cities. Smees are very afraid of sheep and have violent tendancies. There favourite form of attack is biteing.
the female form is most well known for having massive breasts.
O looka sweet smee...arghh f*ck ive been bitten (nevewr call a smee sweet)
by Samantha September 01, 2004
another word for smee is cigarette.
"do you have any smees?"
by blibbidybloo October 06, 2007
smee- short for smeagol.

any annoying short kid, or fat kid, or old guy. can be used in pretty much any ways possible, especially as a war cry, brefore punches.
ME: smee!!!!!!!! (punches jason)

that kid is a smeagoley smee

aah smee!

smeeeeeeeeee precious
by leet sniperage June 04, 2004
A cool, sexy person. Quite rare and in some parts of the world an endangered species. Beware of their sudden changes of mood and violence. You should be good to them or they will kill you.
I fucked the sexy "smee", last night.
by Smee January 02, 2005

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