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When you see something so incredably ugly or disturbing that your dick shrinks back into your body.
I get smeagled every time I see that nasty downsyndrome girl in the hallway.
by CodenameMuskrat November 30, 2010
Smeagled v.
To be cornered and accosted by someone bearing a remarkable resemblance to the character Smeagle in the book Lord of the Rings.
While attempting to leave the office Stacey was smeagled by her boss Maureen.
by Iam Jakerivers October 02, 2007
1. The act of becoming or being extremely intoxicated.
I had a long week, all I want is to go out and get smeagled.

Last night was fun, Debbie was so smeagled she was tripping over herself!!
by TraggikEndings March 31, 2006