The loudest form of the word "Amazing" mixed with any other word containing the letter "S" at either the beginning or end of it, that describes its position to "Amazing".
That is Amazing, It is Amazing, So Amazing ect. can all be shortened to "Smazin"
by Kriss "Kif" Drew November 26, 2008
Top Definition
Definition 1: Short for it's amazing.
Definition 2: Synonym for amazing.
Definition 1
Person 1: "How's your new car?"
Person 2: "'S'mazin'!"

Definition 2
Person 1: "What did you think of that?"
Person 2 "It was 's'mazin'!"
by GBrand24 January 06, 2011
A way of saying "Amazing" in an amazing way; smazin'. Lindsay Renne came up with this word, and people have been trying to steal it and claim it as their own ever since.
Skittles are smazin'!
by smazin jujube May 30, 2009
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