annoying 3 letter abbreviations (aka, acronyms) that idiots sprinkle throughout conversation, email, and general communication to make themselves appear smarter/hipper than they really are. Smackronyms that generate confusion or condescension are especially prevalent during conversations between supervisors and their direct reports.
"Before COB tommorrow, please convert all MQL's to SQL's and load to CRM for direct post to SLT for QTD and YOY Results in Q1!"..."WTF? Lay off the smackronyms and speak english!"
by mcmuffintop May 12, 2008
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Acronyms used when talking smack. Typically found in online conversations, but finds its way into face to face conversations as well.
"I wish you'd DIAF Brian"
"STFU, Todd."
"WTF! Stop using smackronyms!"
by Todiehl June 28, 2008

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