Slutty orange. That awful fake tanned look that certain girls have. Also an excellent comeback for people who claim there are no words that rhyme with orange.
She might be cute if she wasn't slorange.

"Nothing rhymes with orange, you idiot."
"Haha, you forgot about slorange!"
by Shamizzle Dizzle March 10, 2008
Top Definition
To go from a hard surface to a soft one. Can be used for any object and or surface.
"We were about to do it, but he went slorange on me!"
"I sloranged that asphalt up!"
by Zach Pringle October 07, 2007
(Noun) The pieces of poo left behind after you have diarreah.
I had slorange today and it smelled real bad.
by NotHappyFeelingGlad March 01, 2009
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