The sloppy dog sled originated in Canada and is a veriation of the reverse wheelbarrow. Before intercourse a full bottle of maple syrup in inseted into the rectum. The man then goes on to his hands and is held up by his partner while being taken from behind
Guy 1: "dude, y the sad face??"

Guy 2: "man that crazy chick gave me a sloppy dog sled and forgot to take the bottle out"
by Herroc April 17, 2009
Top Definition
When a man is taking a girl from behind while that girl is eating out the asshole of another girl who is eating out the asshole of another girl and so on and so on for as long as the dog sled team is to be. It helps if the man has a whip.
I did a Sloppy Dog Sled with the Canadian national curling team last night!
by corhoreck the flatulant December 09, 2011
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