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A sexual manuver. The guy punches the girl in the stomach until she pukes. While she's puking or directly afterwards, she sucks his dick. He takes it out of her mouth, fucks her, then eats her out. Finally, he kisses her, so that the vomit has made it's way from her mouth to his penis, from his penis to her vagina, from her vagina to his mouth, and from his mouth back to her mouth again, completing the circle.
Joe punched Jane in the stomach, then gave her a Sloppy Newton.
by Greg Thomason November 13, 2006
When one person wears a Newton wig and puts an apple on their head and another shoots it off with jizz.
The professor showed his student the Sloppy Newton during office hours.
by sloppynewton1 May 02, 2010
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