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Also known as S.M.S. The act of defecating on a females scalp and massaging in the feces with your weiner-stick.
Yeah, you know Beth? Yeah, the girl with the birthmark on her buttcheek that looks like Idaho. Well, she came up to me at party and started yapping about this or that. And i said "whoa whoa whoa, hold that tongue bitch. Go get me a cold one." When she came back with a bottle, I clocked her up side the head with it. Bitch passed out and woke up a half hour later and found herself learning first-hand how great and glorious the SMS is. I chafed my weiner red raw rubbing my turd into her greasy ass cornrows. So anyways.. i killed the bitch about a week later pulling an AC Slater. Geesh, that slut knows how to party.
by Jud January 02, 2004
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