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Noun: A naked woman, who is on all fours, defecates and a significant other eats our her pussy
Last night my girlfriend tried to have me give her a sloppy jane... not cool.
by flash1313 March 11, 2011
To have sex, oral or vaginal, with a woman whilst she's having her period.
Martha and I did the Sloppy Jane last looked like someone used a hacksaw.

Shawna said she was on the rag, but I didn't care so we did the Sloppy Jane. It looked like a surgical scene from Grey's Anatomy.

You did the Sloppy Jane last night? Yeah, we made sure to lay down a tarp first.

I hate it when my boyfriend wants to do the Sloppy Jane. I already feel bloated and gross...why would I want to have sex?
by I'mSeeingRed December 06, 2011

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