1) Menu item at Ramsi's Cafe on the World.

2) Performing cunnilingus on a vegan or vegetarian.
Guy to waitress: "I'd like the sloppy falafel tonight."

Waitress to guy: "I'd like the sloppy falafel tonight too."
by S.D. Singer January 28, 2008
Top Definition
When Ryan Simpson gives you a rim-job.
Jared: Hey, do you want a Sloppy Falafel?
Michael: Yeah man, I totes want a rim-job from Ryan Simpson.
by dellbeck November 04, 2010
To recieve oral sex from someone from arab ethnicity which is sloppy
Dude, did you hear Stephen Giles got a sloppy falafel last night
by Tom Willis1987 June 12, 2011
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