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can be used to describe everything.....so pretty much u can get it in...mostly used to describe super easy/down/whorish/bitch/down for anal bitches
Yo....your girlfriend is super slooty.

Ya....I know
by BW4L June 24, 2011
A slooty person, or someone being a sloot, is a person who is perfectly respectable but is exploring their sexuality by doing things which could be considered slutty. This is a positive term used for someone who is comfortable with their sexuality and using it to their hearts content. It is not gender specific.
Person 1: " I think I'll be a little slooty tonight. Maybe I'll see how many boys I can pick up in the evening."

Person 2: "Sounds like a perfectly respectable Slooty-venture"
by Slootastic April 04, 2010
a slutty girl. sloots
That chick slept with like a million guys, she's real slooty.
by krissy January 11, 2005