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1. noun: A girl who is graded as a 5 on the attractive scale of 1-10 that puts out more than the average girl in order to receive attention despite her low grade.
Aaron: That girl is no better than a 5
Rich: Yeah but she's easy, so I'd take that slooty nickel anyday
by Merlicious/Snook June 12, 2010

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A Slooty Nickel is a term reffering to a girl who is both slutty, and a 5 on a scale of 1-10. The Slooty Nickel is a girl who is the "might as well girl" at the end of the night.
JON: Hey man, I'm going to hook up with that slooty nickel.

JON:Because no good looking girl here is going to put out. And why not?
by CaliforniaDreaming15 June 08, 2010