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An uber female slut. Usually random strange that is brought home from a bar to have sex with. Never expected to stick around for breakfast the next day. Can be called upon at any given night to come over for sex but remembering her name is never that important.
Women in New Jersey who will easily come home with military guys (sloober)
#slut #major slut #mega sly #strange #random chick
by Silver fox February 13, 2014
When a hot red headed woman exposes her big boobs. Then the man proceeds to stare and accidently or purposely slobbers all over them.
Man!! Bro when she popped those titties out. I wanted to sloober them real good.

#slobber #boobs #drool #jimmy #james #pussy #slober #sloobered #sloobering
by Knightlywayz August 09, 2010
the best comeback in the world no word known to man can beat it, it is a combination of nimble dwarf nick jones zeke schmitter spangtard pulsinator choad derek cummings and amber rose's kid dale renshaw amber rose boofer washington academy val and joe storey horse whisper squared
pig fucking gay jesus
derek amber dale hitchings
by halo2 April 01, 2005
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