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A slot and socket combined.
Go put the phone into the slocket.
by Xythin November 27, 2009
When your looking for a new purse/wallet to replace your first one, you should always look for a good amount of slockets to keep all your cards/credit cards in.
Two words put in one:
Slot and pocket.
More than 12 slockets is the best as you always have far too many cards/credit cards in your purse/wallet.
Me/You: "Mum/Mom, I need to buy a new purse, my other one is broken."

At the shopping centre/the mall:
Mum/Mom: "What colour are you looking for?"
Me/You: "I don't care about the colour right now, it's all about the number of slockets in side the purse/wallet."
Mum/Mom: "What's a slockets dear?"
Me/You: *sigh* "I've already told you, it's the place where you keep your cards/credit cards. I preferably would like more than 12 in the purse/wallet."
Mum/Mom: "Alright."
by rizzledupwords June 23, 2015
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