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The act of pleasuring oneself in places that are considered to be not acceptable.
Dude did you see that guy sloaning?!?
by L Burr November 22, 2011
Hanging around the house under the guise of being productive.
We all thought Chris was busy all day and was unable to take any additional work. In reality, he was sloaning all day.

Tony is so lazy, sloans like a champ.

"Would you like to come over and hang out. I'm sloaning all day waiting for a shipment to be delivered."
by razman233443223 January 10, 2012
The act of sitting in one's vehicle waiting for something or someone.
Yeah, I was just out there "sloaning" in the car when she called.
by Katch22 February 08, 2012
the act of thinking you are "too cool" for the rest of the people at a party and sitting alone in the corner on your phone talking to your "cool" friends.
We invited Jessica to the party but she didn't care to talk to anyone the entire time. Jessica was Sloaning.
by sloaning victim November 24, 2013
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