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A slippery slope is the perceived danger of a "bad" behavior or situation easily degrading into an even worse behavior or situation, resulting in a downward spiral.

Declaring that something leads to a slippery slope is a common tactic in fearmongering.

Following this definition, a "slippery-slope slippery slope" is a situation in which people accept baseless slippery-slope arguments too readily. This leads to the inevitable acceptance of dangerously ridiculous slippery-slope arguments.
"...but once you give a pass to seemingly reasonable evidence-free slippery-slope arguments, you end up with people arguing that state-subsidised health insurance leads to death panels. It's a slippery-slope slippery slope!"
- M.S.
"No, you can't have that stuff, it's junk"
The Economist
Nov 5th 2010
by Kurishae November 11, 2010
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