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A "Slimy Salvadore" is when, during intercourse in a port o' potty, you step back and tip the port o' potty forward causeing a massive amount of excriment to flow on your partner; its like a dirty sanchez on a massive, full body scale. A "Slimy Salvadore" is a perfect move to combine with breaking up with that certain special someone, adding something unique to the proceadings that will make it unforgetable for both you and, especially, your partner.

by port o' lovin on May 27, 2009
"Ewww!!!! Rodger and I were getting intimate in the port o' potty and he yelled 'i wanna break up!!!' steped back and gave me a Slimy Salvadore!!!!!"
by port o' lovin May 27, 2009
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