To pay a member of an ethnic community to whip one's testicles for sexual pleasure. Payment can be made by driving a 2010 red ford fiesta or by having sexual intercourse with anything that is considered mainstream.
My mate Glen got S L E W E D last night. He loves it though, he gets S L E W E D every night.
by JOhnTheMR.Funnyman September 06, 2010
Top Definition
slewed to get beaten or shot,to get f***ed over by some one.
ur gona get slewed by them for that.
by Ryan2 October 11, 2005
To mug; 'cuss'; ruin; or verbally assault someone.
To slew someone: 'You look like a dead goat', shit; he got slewed, you slewed him horribly

One day, you will be slewed by the slewer. FOOL
by caball September 28, 2011
To pwn or get unreal headshots bam!
also to fuck a girl really hard
BOOM headshot, Slewedmuffin killing spree
by ryan123798 October 21, 2007
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