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To pwn or get unreal headshots bam!
also to fuck a girl really hard
BOOM headshot, Slewedmuffin killing spree
by ryan123798 October 21, 2007
slewed to get beaten or shot,to get f***ed over by some one.
ur gona get slewed by them for that.
by Ryan2 October 11, 2005

To pay a member of an ethnic community to whip one's testicles for sexual pleasure. Payment can be made by driving a 2010 red ford fiesta or by having sexual intercourse with anything that is considered mainstream.
My mate Glen got S L E W E D last night. He loves it though, he gets S L E W E D every night.
by JOhnTheMR.Funnyman September 06, 2010
To mug; 'cuss'; ruin; or verbally assault someone.
To slew someone: 'You look like a dead goat', shit; he got slewed, you slewed him horribly

One day, you will be slewed by the slewer. FOOL
by caball September 28, 2011
another word to f**k a girl hard-
that girl would get slewed
by jT89 November 14, 2005