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A sleezy-prude is someone of the female gender who confuses the male population. This woman is one of a kind, smart, attractive, likes to have fun, and feels comfortable around the opposite sex. For these reasons, she may seem like she would be an easy target for a man to take her home for "one night of fun". This is a misconception because a sleezy-prude is exceptionally classy, self-confident, and respects herself and her body. For those who have attempted to bring her home for sexual purposes only, they have been surprisingly denied, as a sleezy-prude is not easily persuaded or misled. Once she finds a man who is worthy of her time, she will be more than willing to experiment in all areas of the relationship, but until then she is smarter than to let herself be manipulated by any man. Her fun nature and easy-going personality has led her to gain the title of being sleezy or a prude, and will be continually labeled as either until fully understood. This generalization is unfortunate, as may ruin the chances of being with such a unique and eloquent woman.
A Sleezy-Prude is the Girl-Next Door who decides to hit the dance-floor at the local night-club.

A Sleezy-Prude is your future wife.
by sleezyprude November 30, 2010
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