Someone or something that gets around by way of greasy or dirty means.
Man did you see that greasy snake gliding through the butter? That was so sleezy of him, almost as sleezy as that girl I notched last night.
by Kobez December 08, 2009
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Sleezy or Sleezie: is what me and my friends define as the dirtiest of dirty sexually. not only is he/she nasty sexually but also a hoe or a slut doing almost anything..
hey, bro what's up with that girl you were talking too?

come to find out she's a sleezy, Yo

I wouldn't talk to that she's a Sleeeezy
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
low class, trashy, disgusting, sleeze bag, trailer trash
A sleezy person could be trailer trash who sleeps in his clothes, and spits a lot.
by 2bithoe November 02, 2006
Cheap, half-hearted.
Can also be applied to people
Random Girl 1: So how was your date last night?
Random Girl 2: Terrible, Ramon is a sleezy dirtbag, he tried to get me laid on the first date and he smells like cheap cologne and fried chicken. What a pendejo!
by Agra April 01, 2004
it is a girl that is a slut. this could also be your girlfriend depending on here faithfullness.
stuck lit a the house with a sleezy.
by Morgan Sevobogohff April 27, 2006
-someone who goes to lag and has a gold chain
-can heelflip and front 180
silvester guzman is sleezy
by LAgrat July 04, 2011
A word used in order to refer to a friend who you think is cool.
"sup sleezy, how ya doing?"
by Jacob tonamo August 25, 2009

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