One that regularly does deeds.
Yo sleeze lets go do deeds.
by wira dajatati December 06, 2010
Top Definition
A person with low moral standards, often very promiscuous.
Callum Crawford is giant a sleeze.
by Mmills December 02, 2009
One who acts in a promiscuous manner, possibly enjoyed by some.
Monica Mills is a sleeze. End of story.
by WittyUsername13 December 02, 2009
a girl who is a slut
I know a sleeze when I see one. She was lookin for the D.
by hollatcha May 28, 2006
Used to describe attempting to get with a boy/girl on a night out"
'Mate, I am on the sleeze tonight'
'Pure sleezing on her later'
by Tom O'C February 25, 2008
(n) someone who travels in a traffic lane adjacent to the lane he will soon need to be in, and cuts into the desired lane at the last possible moment.

(v) to need to be in a certain traffic lane and to get there by traveling in an adjacent lane and then cutting into the desired lane at the last moment.
(n) I should merge now, before I end up being a total sleeze.

(v) I wish I could will myself to merge into the proper lane now, but I could get ahead of a lot of cars if I keep going, and then sleeze in at the last minute.
by enn jay February 03, 2010
One who looks like they rape little boys
Hey, you a sleezey ass bitch.
by BOT February 10, 2003
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