Ejactulating ropes of semen onto a girl's face while she sleeps.
I gave that girl a sleeping beauty last night.
by Matt October 20, 2003
A particularly hot slut; a new slut, who hasn't worn herself out yet.
John: So, I heard you bought a hooker last week? You like sex, but it's not like you to buy a hooker.
Dave: Well, I had to, she must have been new, because, damn, she was a sleeping beauty!
by Big white monster December 29, 2009
One of your friends is passed out drunk on the floor and you put your huge boner in his mouth and take a picture. Then you black mail him with the picture to get what you want.
Steve got so wasted last week, I gave him a sleeping beauty and then he bought me a new car.
by Brett January 23, 2005
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