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When you text/call someone and they hit you up the next day and or later that day with "I was asleep" when you hit me up earlier/last night etc.
Ex. 1)

Bry: Hey girl can you work tomorrow for Brandi she is sick.

JoJo: "Opens phone reads texts" oh I don't feel like replying I'll just "wake up late tomorrow" & tell her I just got her text.

Jojo: Hey girl I was asleep when you sent that/called, I would have worked for her though IF I would have known!

Ex. 2)

Just got off phone with this person or you saw that their bitch ass tweeted and or posted something on FB.

(10:22) Shan: Hey girl are you still coming over?

Kara: ___________________

(11:04) Shan: um so call me and don't use the "I'm sleeping card" with me, I just saw your tweet! Stop faking!
by Miss SLS April 05, 2011
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