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The term "Slay mad biddies" is a phrase with sexual connotation. It implies that the person who "slays mad biddies" is a very sexually active person. They have many sexual relations with many girls. Synonyms of this word include "gangster," "gangsta," "player," "playa," "mad biddy-slayer," and "nudnik."
Did you see that abstinence speaker in room 349? I bet he slays mad biddies.

Wow, you're so attractive, you seem like a mad biddy-slayer.

Attractive men can only slay one mad biddy at a time. Chuck Norris slays all mad biddies, all the time.

If I were more attractive, maybe I could slay mad biddies.
by Alreadybeingusedbysomeoneelse March 30, 2009
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