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Deranged, sexually-frustrated tweens who write salivating prose detailing their fantasies of celebrity guy-on-guy orgies, commonly known as Slash Puppies (a distant cousin - or niece - of the horndog. See Harry Potter, Green Day and McFly - sadly often involving wands, drumstricks and similarly phallic-shaped objects being shoved into places they really shouldn't be going. Said literature is often highly disturbing for non-aficionados.

The new hentai? Only time - and the internet - will tell.
Slash Puppies can be found in action on the official McFly fanfic board.

Harry Potter is a popular character for Slash Puppies to abuse with wands.
by Obsessive.Compulsive.Disorder. October 13, 2005
an intimate encounter with a young female.
you guys want to go to Chuck E. Cheese and slash puppy?
by Jake La Mada April 02, 2007
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