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A fairly attractive female "piece" that you can "slam" in any particular way you'd like to. Commonly referred to as SLUT.
"Shes a slampiece bro! Last night I was skull fucking her and then I blew my load in her fucken eye."
by Fred November 14, 2003
48 102
someone, potentially an asshole, who you continuously contemplate having hot sex with, but having no attatchments. This person will not say hi- he is merely used for sex. You may have one or two cute couple pictures with this person
oh look my slam piece just walked by, how awkward.
by Noon October 04, 2006
86 182
another word for boyfriend or girlfriend.
hey, how's the slam piece doing?" "which one?
by 1234567890-987654321 April 13, 2011
31 128
a slang term for penis.
i pulled out my slampiece and smacked her in the face.
by Pat Macca November 26, 2007
7 138
A pretty girl who is your good friend.
Hanging out with a slam piece is always pleasant
by super duper awesome July 02, 2010
52 196