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Someone that you regularly hook up with, but would never consider having a serious relationship with.
Alan: Charlie, how do you get so many girls to go for you? You're nothing special.

Charlie Sheen: Because I don't tell them I love them as soon as I meet them Alan, they're just my slam pieces...
by arushvij March 04, 2014
A Boy/Girl who you frequently sleep with but are not boyfriend/girlfriend. AKA friend with benefits. This is for the person who does not want a relationship but needs to have sex, or preform sexual activities. Both people can be reffered to as a "Slampiece". This term is mainly used in the Lake Tahoe area.
Jo: God slampiece did I tell you to talk.
Slampiece: Sorry Jo I won't do it again. Sex?
by Slampiece222 October 10, 2009
A woman whom you see across the room who has the physical characteristics that her male counterparts associate with a female in need of getting pounded with the d piece
One of the f 6's favorite hobbies is going to a club and prowlin' on slampieces
by the f 6 October 14, 2010
Random biatch who for sexual intercourse, eye contact must be made Ex: Rebecca Harvey
Rebecca Harvey is a slampiece!
by slampiecemasta June 02, 2011
A female at a party who is easy to have sex with, or "slam"
Don't do it dude, she's a total slam piece
by JaWhelsh August 11, 2011
A guy/girl who you use for their sofa and microwave and call your FBO boyfriend/girlfriend even though they ain't never getting none but would potentially be amazing in bed.
Alex H. is my slampiece.
by Alex's Slampiece Fo Sho October 05, 2010
synonym for woman.
by malt July 30, 2003