a complete fabrication, lie, falsehood, misstatement of facts, perjury
George Tenet told Congress that it was a "slam dunk" certainty that Saddam had weapons, because technically slam dunk doesn't mean anything when applied to a true/false statement. (Also see Perjury)
by Stinky Weazaltits March 21, 2007
when you are at a hardcore show and there is hate moshing or crowd killing and someone runs up and slam dunks the people standing and watching the band.
dam did you see that kid brake his arm when he slam dunked a kid at that and hell followed with show.
by xdavidlapearlx December 16, 2008
Dropping all of a nearly rolled spliff except for the rizla.
You have just returned from work and prepared a hard earned spliff. You've picked it up from the table. you've rolled it nearly all the way up when boomshanka! It's a SLAM DUNK!!! The contents are all over your lap and you are left hanging onto a rizla looking down at what you've just done.
by tuna beak December 19, 2006
When someone takes a poo in a urinal at a public washroom
P1:dude i just went into the washroom and sum1 slamdunked the urinal
by 4U_SAM November 17, 2005
Derived from the British: SLAM, and the Alpha-Numeric: DUNK.
It has most recently been adopted by Devil May Cry Hero Dante.

It's most frequent use, though, is when nerdy 13 year old children believe it to be hilarious fun to exclaim SLAM DUNK whilst facing up the school bully. This, more often than not, leads to a swirlie.
Foolish Child 1: SLAM DUNK!
School Bully: Yo, Imma slam dunk your head into dat dere toilet. Fo shiz.
by Jordan 'Kakansho' Mitchell February 06, 2008
On 20/20 w/ barbara walters there was a segment in which it depicted rest-home staff who would pick-up geriactric patients and roughly throw or "slam-dunk" them onto their beds. the "game" had an actual point system to it and ways for fellow co-workers to compete and score points as if it was an actual basketball game.
Hey Vinnie, check this out, I'ma slam dunk this old hag!!
by phuzz September 28, 2006
Something that will definitely possibly maybe have a possible slight chance of occurring.
It is a slam dunk that the Clippers will win the NBA title.
by BlazingBolt February 23, 2005
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