Related to Texas Holdem Poker. When a player, plays 2 consecutive hands BLIND ( not looking ).

The 1st hand winning and reveling very poor cards, ( example a 7,2 offsuit )..aka the DONK.

The 2nd hand also winning but reveling good cards, ( example A,A pocket aces ).. aka the SLAM

The conditions of the situation may vary, but the main things are that both hands must be played BLIND entirely until they are reveled at end of hand. The 1st hand must be considered a junk/ non playable hand. And that the 2nd hand must be a very good hand pockets/nuts.
Damon says to Brett " Man last night at work I pull off the sickest slam donk on some dude!. "
by CongaChild July 20, 2010
Top Definition
1. The act of falling flat on your ass with unprecedented amounts of clumsiness.

2. also can be when a girl tries to sit on your lap, but for whatever reason, clumsy or drunk...she puts too much of her weight into the landing and crushes your junk.
1. Kevin was trying to ride a Ripstick through walmart, and executed a perfect slam donk.

2. Gina slam donked my nuts last night at the party. it's not as fun as it sounds.
by Danger Rick February 16, 2010
A girl with a big booty who is virtually guaranteed to let any and all dudes hit it. She may not have sex with all of those men, but she is very flirty. Often found drunk on the middle of the dance floor at crowded clubs grinding on virtually anything at all.
"Yo, you think I got a chance with Keshia?" "Sure thing man, she loves throwing that booty around. She's a slam donk."
by Bubbarunski January 20, 2015
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