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Another nickname for a slutty girl.
How to spot a slag face: they normally wear lots of make up (50 layers of mascara, caked-on orangey foundation, eyeliner and as much lip gloss as possible). Your average slag face can't write, speak or spell properly and has bad manners. They normally spread rumors about other girls (even their so-called "friends"), but always play up for attention whenever there is a slightly acceptable-looking male nearby. Stay clear.
Franca, sorry, I mean slag face, slept with 5 different guys last night. What a slut.
by ClothesHorse January 12, 2009
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Josephine is a dirty slag face
by Ken May 22, 2004
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Noun, can be used to describe any person, often a friendly greeting like homie, slagger or bro. Can be used offensively.
You alright slagface? (friendly, usually anyway)
That slagface stitched me up. (not so friendly, well usually)
by Chris Franklin December 25, 2005
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