1 Slut + Skank = SLAANK.

2 A slut: puts out for anyone. A skank: is an illusion on a slut, they look trashy but don't go any farther.
3 A slaank is a sluty as skank. Disgusting and may carry STDS. Worse than a slut because they look trashy. Worse then a skank because they put out. Sadly they kill the thrill of a place, upon seeing a slaank many people ditch the area, hoping to get away without an encounter.
Person 1 : "Oh, there goes another slaank."

Person 2 : "This club is hopping with slaanks."

Slaank approaching.

Person 1 : "Oh hell no.."
Person 2 : "Yes it is time to go."

"You're such a slaank!" -- proper useage.
by SlaankMaker July 31, 2011

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